Everything You Need to Know About Dual Citizenship NZ

As and when every country’s law is transforming, the phenomenon of dual citizenship is slowly picking up the pace. Living in one country and having the citizenship of a second one is possible in many countries. With this, people can easily segregate their work, live in their preferred country and manage their life in a better way. Therefore, the same goes for the Dual Citizenship NZ.

New Zealand is one of those rare countries which allows multiple or dual citizenships. But, the same case doesn’t go to another country which you will need to find out before opting for one. Further, let’s come along and discover every bit of information about the Dual citizenship NZ.

Dual Citizenship NZ: Everything you need to know in 2019

Before, you opt for a Dual citizenship NZ, given below is a set of useful information you will need to clear off your Dual citizenship visa.

Checking Other Country’s Rules

Even if New Zealand is allowing dual citizenship, other countries might not agree with the same. Each country has their own set of laws which you will need to learn and then apply for dual citizenship.

In this case, you can consult a foreign representative that can help you in knowing each country’s citizenship rule. Or else, you can browse the internet, spend some time and get to know which countries allow dual citizenship.

Applying for an NZ Citizenship

Applying for an NZ Citizenship is not a hard process as it seems. Firstly, you will need to specify your citizenship with any other country. This is probably the first step which can grant you dual citizenship in New Zealand.

Now, if other countries are allowing dual citizenship, you can opt for the application step in New Zealand.
In case, if the other country doesn’t grant dual citizenship, you will have to cancel the citizenship of that country. Or else, you can live in that country and then apply for a dual citizenship NZ visa later in your life.

Dual Citizenship NZ Case If You Are Having a Baby in New Zealand

If you have given birth to a baby in New Zealand and you are a permanent resident of NZ, the Baby will automatically get New Zealand citizenship.

Also, if you belong to a country which allows dual citizenship, you can apply for the other country. With this, you can become residents of two countries whereas your baby can also reap the same benefits.

If your country doesn’t allow dual citizenship, your baby cannot give up on New Zealand’s citizenship until they turn 18. Till then, you will have to live in New Zealand, wait for the right time and then choose the country having dual citizenship criteria.

Lastly, if you want your baby to hold citizenship of your home country, you will need to travel to that country and give birth there itself.

Giving Up on New Zealand Citizenship

In case you are planning to shift to another country which doesn’t allow dual citizenship, you might have to give up New Zealand citizenship.

For this, you will have to go through a set of procedures, file proof and if everything goes, right, you can freely move on to the other country.

Conclusion: Everything you need to know about Dual Citizenship NZ

Summing up the entire article, one thing is clear. If you want to have a dual citizenship NZ, the other country will have to agree on the same terms. Even if one condition is not fulfilled, you will need to choose a country which allows dual citizenship.

Lastly, if everything is fine, you can have dual citizenship, provide the same to your family and live happily and peacefully.

Everything You Need to Know About Dual Citizenship NZ
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